OneVisage Breaks Ground on Standard Smartphone Based 3D Facial Authentication at MWC 2015

by admin on February 23, 2015


SelfiLogin™ solution is first to run 3D facial modelling through standard smartphones, accelerating authentication processes for consumers

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – February 23rd 2015 – OneVisage®, the Swiss start-up developing disruptive digital identity solutions for financial services, e-commerce and mobile operators, is leveraging the power and penetration of the consumer smartphone to significantly reduce identify theft in the global civilian population – and regain lost revenue streams for its customers. At the upcoming Mobile World Congress, OneVisage® will unveil its SelfiLogin™ service, the world’s first 3D facial authentication solution to operate on standard smartphones.

SelfiLogin™ shatters the complex and time-consuming two-step authentication processes that cause transaction cancellations – and lost revenue – for many businesses globally. Using SelfiLogin’s accelerated authentication platform, financial services and e-commerce businesses now have a simpler and safer way to authenticate their customers – and significantly, a mobile platform that proves particularly attractive to younger demographics.

The use of security tokens results in transaction abandonments exceeding 30 percent – a tremendous amount of lost revenue for any business,” said Christophe Remillet, Chief Technology Officer, OneVisage. “A sizeable amount of these abandonments represent security concerns emphasized by Generation Z, spanning the ages of 16 to 24. Studies prove that 75 percent of Generation Z is willing to use biometric security solutions like SelfiLogin instead of passwords or pins for authentication, making this a perfect technology to reserve momentum, and lost revenue streams, back toward the right direction.” said Christophe Remillet.

According to recent reports, identity theft costs for businesses have skyrocketed past the $200 million mark worldwide. SelfiLogin™ digital authentication solution combats these challenges by significantly helping financial services, e-commerce and mobile operators reduce identity theft issues, while improving consumer confidence and preserving operational costs.

We recognize the growing concern regarding identity theft issues and consumer data privacy. Today, there isn’t a single week in the news where a company hasn’t been victim of criminals grabbing thousands or millions of user credentials. Our patent pending and breakthrough technology on consumer smartphones or tablets is disruptive and unique, providing stronger security, better usability and data privacy.” said Christophe Remillet.

In addition to the general financial, operational and security benefits of SelfiLogin™, the world’s first 3D facial authentication solution for standard smartphones opens new business opportunities and use cases never before explored. For example, digital private bank customers can now pass orders by phone and validate transactions in tens of seconds instead of tens of minutes, with a fully automatic process.

OneVisage® will exhibit SelfiLogin™ solution at Mobile World Congress 2015 – Hall 8.1 – Stand G58 (Swiss Pavilion) with the support of the Swiss Commission for Technology & Innovation and Alp-ICT. To set up an appointment, please send an email at or call us: +41 21 566 70 55

A special “FinTech – Pitch & Beer Session” will be held on Monday, March 2 @ 5:00 pm. Come and attend our pitch at the Swiss Pavilion, Hall 8.1 – stand G58.

For general information inquiries, please send an email at


About OneVisage®

OneVisage® is a Swiss cyber-security company founded in 2013 and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, that enables financial services, e-commerce and mobile operators to integrate and differentiate with safer, simpler and more cost-effective authentication solutions by using disruptive and unique 3D facial authentication technology through consumer smartphones.


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adminOneVisage Breaks Ground on Standard Smartphone Based 3D Facial Authentication at MWC 2015

OneVisage will showcase the first 3D facial authentication solution running through standard smartphones at MWC

by admin on February 17, 2015

It is a world premiere: OneVisage will showcase for the first time its SelfiLogin solution prototype using its breakthrough 3D facial authentication technology running on standard smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2015.

A special presentation to the public and journalists will be held on Monday – March 2 at 5:00 pm at the Swiss Pavilion. Come and see the disruptive authentication solution of the future or contact us to fix an appointment.


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adminOneVisage will showcase the first 3D facial authentication solution running through standard smartphones at MWC